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Quality construction goes into Nationwide Lifts’ Jeeves systems.
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High-Quality Dumbwaiters for North Carolina Homes

If you own or operate a restaurant or hotel in North Carolina that has multiple levels, installing a dependable and durable dumbwaiter is a great idea. Making wait staff navigate steep steps while balancing trays full of food can be risky and there’s no reason to take chances when our sturdy dumbwaiters are so convenient and affordable. Smooth, quiet and easy to install, the dumbwaiters from Nationwide Lifts are the perfect accessories for luxury homes and restaurants. Choose from one of the following:

Jeeves RST: Designed specifically for the food industry, the Jeeves RST is a durable and dependable dumbwaiter that is ideal for restaurants and hotels. This dumbwaiter features a stainless steel cab, bi-parting cab gate and removable aluminum trays making it a must-have for restaurants with multiple levels.

Jeeves Econolift

Compact and durable, the Jeeves Econo-Lift dumbwaiter can be ordered in capacities of 100 lbs and 150 lbs. The cab features finished birch, dovetail joints and roll-up gate making this dumbwaiter as attractive as it is efficient.

Maintenance-Free Motor-Gear

An economical cable-driven system propels this dumbwaiter a distance of 35 feet, over a maximum of three stops.


Jeeves Pro Dumbwaiter

This heavy duty dumbwaiter is built for continuous operation all day and night.

Technical Specs

It can travel up to 80 feet with up to 6 stops in between and is the only dumbwaiter in the United States that has complete UL-certification.